Get lost in the history.

Temporary exhibition design (in collaboration with Abdullah Abid | RISD INTAR 2018)

Location: Newport Congregational Church, Newport, RI.

Focus: Newport Congregational Church | La Farge

Tools: AutoCAD | SketchUp | 3DS Max | Vray | Photoshop CC | InDesign CC

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Behance Layout - Newport Church

Design Proposal:

The design proposal is for a temporary exhibit at the Newport Congregational Church in Newport, RI. Design concept based on the geometry of projections of the windows, creating a path: central area – group path + interactive spaces | side areas – individual path + semi-transparent graphic screens.


These two spaces are designed to educate and let visitors interact and get lost in the history of the church and the artist – John La Farge, who has redecorated the church in 1881, creating the murals, decoration and his well-known opalescent glass windows.

Cover Art.

40° Wall Lamp

A minimal wall lamp, emitting indirect light. The name derived from the curve of the steel tube which is curved at 40° and has a slit in the back curved side, where the LED strip is put in. The idea came from playing with lines and geometry, creating a minimal design of a wall lamp with a diffused light, suitable as a nightstand wall lamp or used to light up objects, such as paintings… Materials used for the model were steel tube, aluminum sheet & PVC pipe, which goes over the pipe, allowing the lamp itself to turn and be adjusted into different directions. The variations of the lamp include: Black Steel, Brass & Copper.