After no sleep or rest during my summer course at RISD, I’ve decided to travel somewhere for at least a week. Me and my brother have decided that we need to go to Dubai, so we booked everything, packed our bags and left.


Dubai is something else. After a 6 hour flight we were here. As we came out of the plane, the warm air made it hard for us to breathe and we started melting. Other than that, Dubai was great, I swear! Guess we chose the wrong time, but we’ll have fun and enjoy it either way.

On the first day we’ve decided to take it slow. We’ve decided to visit the Dubai Mall, which you gotta visit if you’re ever here! Later that day we went to the famous Aquarium, where we’ve had a great time.


Looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? We got the basic package which basically shows you the Aquarium tunnel & underwater zoo, but you can also book other things, such as diving, meeting the otters, and stuff like that.

After the aquarium we booked all the other activities and trips when we arrived back to our hotel.

So tomorrow we’re going to the Desert Safari, wohoo!

As I said, the activity for the next day was Desert Safari, where we rented quad bikes and rode them on the amazing desert dunes, followed by a crazy ride with our tour guide, who drove his car through even taller dunes.

After this adventure we’ve enjoyed our night at the desert camp eating good food & smoking some shisha. Such a great end of the day.



We’ve decided to take a rest after the crazy desert adventure by going to the beaches here and exploring the city a bit.

I guess beach isn’t that great of an idea in Dubai at this time of the year. We arrived to the Jumeirah Beach, where we’ve stayed just for a while & then moved to the JBR beach in the city, where they offer various activities on the water too.


The advantage of JBR is that it’s right where all the buildings in the city are, which means you can find drinks, food & other things nearby.

Excited to be at a great beach, we jumped into the water. What we expected to be a refreshing feeling was swimming in a jacuzzi like water that was probably around 38 degrees hot.

We’ve had enough of this, full of sweat, so we decided to take a ride on the donut with a crazy boat driver, who was speeding like crazy. It was real fun though!


Being tired as fuck, we went back to the hotel to rest, which ended up in sleeping & waking up the next day.

We had to wake up quite early, as we were leaving for Abu Dhabi for a day trip to the Mosque, to see the city & to see the Ferrari World.

As we were approaching the massive Mosque, I couldn’t wait to get out of the car and start taking some pictures. As I came with my ripped jeans as I always do, due to the regulations I had to dress up in the white dress that covered my clothes. Damn, it was freaking hot, I thought I was gonna melt!

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is truly a breathtaking place to visit and get some good shots, I especially recommend it for any photographers out there! As a photographer I really enjoyed all the views.


Right after the beautiful Mosque, we drove around the city & had lunch. I caught some nice views of Abu Dhabi skyline that you can see below!


With our full stomachs (finally!), we left the beautiful hotel and drove around the city, stopping at the Ferrari World where we were about to be picked up by another truck, as we were returning back to Dubai.


On our 5th day i guess? Don’t even know which day it was anymore, got a bit lost in it. Well the next day, we’ve booked a visit to Burj Khalifa, where we would be taken up the building with the fastest elevator (it brought us to the 124th floor in a minute, amazing, isn’t it?)


We were allowed to visit two floors once we got up – the floor 124 & 125, which weren’t that different, but we got some amazing views & I got some cool shots!

Being able to see Dubai from another perspective was amazing. We were able to see different parts of the city & how they differ from each other, see below in the pictures!




Me & my brother were really excited for the last day of this amazing trip as we had the Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark booked for the whole day, together with its aquarium.

On our last day we’ve had tons of fun, enjoying all those amazing slides they got there, but I wasn’t really able to take any pictures. It really was a trip worth taking.

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