Coworking Office

Redesign of an architectural studio in Florence, Italy into a co-working office space. Home-like & modern design created with wide use of wooden and metal materials, creating contrast and warmth in the interior. Working booths in the office space, which are designed for a single person, that chooses to work alone. Custom designed with a folding table, chair and a storage space for full functionality & use. Two types of wood, combined with metal elements in the joineries, with cuts in the wood to open the small space and an LED stripe on the left side of the booth for lighting. Other side of the co-working space, contains a custom designed bench and the other table options: Tables for 2 people | Tables for a group (4 people) | Private office in the loft area, covered with pixel-like design of windows + wooden palettes, with copper frame, for a warmer mood in the interior.


01 render02 render03 render04 render05 render06 render07 render

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