Coworking Office Space

A space, where freelancers and people that work from home could gather together, work, communicate and share ideas.


Following the structural lines of the original structure, by creating a grid, which the geometry follows. Main focus on the element of the trusses in the parking garage space (triangular shape) – creating a triangulation of the space with the walls, ceiling, furniture and other fixtures in the space. Creating recessed ceiling of perforated acoustic panels that come from the grid.

Compressing the interior walls of the created interior and keeping the exterior walls straight and linear shapes, creating an even exterior with an uneven and unordinary interior spaces, that could only be experience when entering it.


The concept and the space is meant for freelancers and working people, in the field of Architecture, Design & Arts. Main focus when developing the environment was given to the creative fields and younger adults, people between the ages of 18-40.


Work Stations – 3 single desks & 1 common meeting room.

Other Facilities – common workspace & seating, lounge area, temporary housing (2 beds).


To give it more of a natural feeling – Birch Wood was used for most of the furniture, fixtures & elements in the design. Incorporating new technologies, such as Smart Glass, which could turn from a fully transparent glass that lets light and heat pass through, into a frosted or shaded glass, that would filter the sunlight & heat and give more privacy when necessary.

01 Animation

03 Coworking interior 204 Coworking interior 305 Coworking interior 406 bedroom interior07 interior lounge

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