NEW ADVENTURE: Dolomites, Italy

A few months ago, during our spring break, me & a couple friends have decided to visit the beautiful area of South Tyrol.

foggy skies.

Just as we were on our way, driving through these parts of Alps, we have gotten some amazing views, as the whole day was moody & the fog spread over the beautiful landscapes.

We’ve been driving through an area called Bolzano, where all of those beautiful places that you see online are located. Here are a few pictures to show you what kind of views we got from the car.



At first we had to go and stop and Lago di Braies, well obviously, it’s the most beautiful lake in Italy, I mean, in the world probably! At first we actually stopped at a small town of Villnöß, as it was on the way, but the sun rays weren’t giving us the best shots, see for yourself. I mean I managed to get some fine shots, but it was pretty difficult. But more on Villnöß later!


But now we’re here! Lago di Braies people, look at it, so beautiful!!


We didn’t choose the best time to visit Dolomites, as everything was still frozen and the wintertime still ruled these beautiful places here. Either way, I have captured some amazing shots and walked on the frozen surface of the lake, observing this breathtaking place. I was freezing the whole time by the way!

The next stop was Villnöß, as we couldn’t shoot there before. Villnöß, also called Val di Funes, is a small town located right below the Sexten Dolomites, which in my opinion are the most interesting mountains in Europe. See for yourself!


Seen this iconic church before? You did? It’s pretty famous, which doesn’t surprise me, with its location, being one of the only buildings on that hill, it gives it a really amazing atmosphere!

There’s also a larger part of the town below by the way, it does not consist purely out of one church on a hill, there’s a whole neighborhood with stores and other communal places if you walk a couple minutes down the hill.

We came to Villnöß in the afternoon, maybe around 4-5pm, and we’ve stayed there until the sunset was over, in order to capture it during the day & also during the sunset time. Do you see how amazing the sunsets are here? Holy shit!!!


When we were done with our first day here, we drove to our accommodation, which was a 15-20 minute drive from this little town. Me & my friends were staying in this cool apartment located in Lüsen, which was still in the area of Bolzano. We’ve cooked dinner & crashed in the bed as we were up since early morning.

We woke up pretty early the next day to catch the sunrise & get on with our next adventure out here. Look at that view from our apartment in the morning!


Amazing, right? I really love the moods in these mountains. And you see that house down there? Wish I had one like that!

For our next day, we all agreed we need to see as much as possible, so we’ve taken a drive to Lago di Misurina, where we grabbed lunch with a great view.


That building out there is actually a hotel. Imagine the people that work there, they work at a pretty cool location, don’t you think?

This is also a lake, which means that in Summer, all of that ice & snow that you see melts. As I said before, I guess we chose a wrong time to visit this place, but it still looked amazing.

Our original plan was to visit Tre Cime after this, these iconic rocks in Dolomites, which people have to hike up to, but sadly the path was closed due to bad weather conditions and snow (sad smiley).

I got a shot of it from a different perspective either way as we were driving back, and it still looked pretty great!


Our third and last day was great too. We packed our bags, threw it all in our car & drove to see something truly breathtaking, I swear.

I have never seen such a thing before, and I’m sure places like this are not very common anywhere, but here we are! Look at it!!


What is it? Well these are called the pyramids, actual name of these ones is Piramidi di Plata, and they’re located in an area called Perca, still very close to Bolzano. These rocks were created as a result of acid rain, that hit these mountains long time ago, creating these amazing natural wonders. There’s a few of them in the area of South Tyrol actually, so these ones are not the only ones around here.


Amazed by the colors & the views here, we’ve spent some time observing these giants and taking some shots of them. They even match the color of my shoes, don’t they?


On a drive back to Florence, we stopped at Lago di Garda, as it was on the way. Lago di Garda is actually Italy’s biggest lake, with an area of 370km², together with Lago di Como right after it. These two aren’t actually that extremely far from each other either, probably like a 2 hour drive, they are surely worth visiting!


It has such blue waters! I really fell in love with this place.

Hope you enjoyed this article! Feel free to like & share. Make sure to follow me on Instagram: @alextrajanov to see when I post another one of my blogs! More adventures coming soon, I promise guys!

Enjoy a couple more pictures of Dolomites below, and make sure to visit these mountains!




FullSizeRender 2




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