NEW ADVENTURE: Assisi, Italy

Yesterday, me and my friends decided to make a little day trip to a new city. We’ve chosen to visit Assisi, which is a small town on a hill in Tuscany, filled with beautiful architecture.

As we arrived to Assisi, after a long, almost a 3 hour train ride, we had to walk another 30 minutes to get to the city, which was further from the train station, located on a hill.


The surroundings of the city was natural and green, with flowers blooming all over the place. After walking for around half an hour through the tuscan-like countryside, we were finally in the town.

The town, probably the size of the Florentine historical center, just widely spread out throughout the hill, was beautiful and very natural. Walking through the small streets, we’ve experienced some great sightings, such as the historical architecture and paths leading uphill, filled with an amount of little steps.


After having gone through most of the monuments here, we chose to hike up to one of the city’s towers, which was all the way up on the hill, to see some views of the city from high up. It took energy to walk up there, but we made it and the views were totally worth it! We got to see all the churches and buildings in the city from the top, where I got the chance to capture both the natural and architectural part of the city together.


After hiking and walking the entire day, we sat down to have a late lunch and then headed back home to Florence.

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